Committees, Commissions & Boards

Opportunities for citizens to participate in municipal affairs

The Village of Kaslo Council has established several committees to assist Council in their decision-making process. Select Committees are established by council resolution, under the authority of the Community Charter, and their role is to consider or inquire into matters and to report their findings and opinion to Council.

The specific mandate for a committee is indicated in the Terms of Reference for the committee, along with the composition of the membership, voting rights, the duration of appointments, the meeting schedule and any reporting deadlines. Details about the staff resources available to assist the committee and applicable meeting procedures are also included in the Terms of Reference.

In addition to the above committees, Council appoints community members to serve on the local Board of Variance (which considers applications for relief from the requirements of the Land Use/Zoning bylaw in cases of hardship) and the RDCK’s Kaslo & Area D Economic Development Commission.

Typically, committees and other bodies meet monthly or quarterly for approximately 2 hours. Meetings are generally held in Council Chambers at City Hall, with options for electronic participation.

April 1, 2023 – Council is currently looking to fill vacancies on the following committees and other bodies:

Click on a committee name to see the corresponding Terms of Reference

Interested individuals are invited to submit letters to Council outlining their suitability for the role, through the Village Office.