Be Aware of Radon

“WHEREAS, The  Village of Kaslo is located in Area 1 of the Province of BC; and

WHEREAS, Area 1 of the Province of BC is considered to be at a  greater risk for high levels of indoor radon gas; and

WHEREAS, Indoor radon gas is known to be a serious public health risk causing as many as 16% of lung cancer deaths in Canada each year; and

WHEREAS, Detecting levels of indoor radon gas is simple with a low cost and easy to administer test; and

WHEREAS, If high levels of indoor radon are present in a home cost-effective solutions exist to reduce unsafe levels.

Now, therefore, the Mayor of the Village of Kaslo does hereby proclaim November 1st to November 30th as RADON AWARE MONTH.”

Interior Health Bulletin

Canadian Lung Association

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, after smoking. Health Canada estimates exposure to radon gas is responsible for as many as 3,200 lung cancer deaths each year in Canada. If your community is located in AREA 1 of British Columbia you may be at an increased risk for high levels of indoor radon.