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Bylaws, Reports & Records

Many bylaws and reports that are frequently requested are available below - if there's something missing, please let us know. Copies of all bylaws and many reports are available upon request from City Hall. 


1052 Beer Garden Bylaw

1063 Cemetery Bylaw

1119 Solid Waste Management Bylaw

1120 Street & Traffic Bylaw (Consolidated)

1130 Land Use Bylaw (Consolidated)

1147 Dog Licensing Bylaw (Consolidated)

1155 Animal Attractant Bylaw

1162 Campground & Parks Bylaw

1175 Public Dock & Boat Launch Bylaw

1193 Floodplain Bylaw (Consolidated)

1209 Prevention of Public Nuisances Bylaw

1213 Outdoor Burning Bylaw (Consolidated)

1260 Business Licence Bylaw

1279 Council Procedures Bylaw

1280 Official Community Plan Bylaw

1283 Development Procedures Bylaw

1287 Water Capital Parcel Tax Bylaw

1288 Sewer Capital Parcel Tax Bylaw

1289 Sewer Service Area Bylaw

1290 Noise Control Bylaw

1291 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw

1292 2023 Tax Rates Bylaw

1294 Municipal Ticketing Bylaw

1296 Five Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw

1300 Fees & Charges (Consolidated)

1302 2024 - 2028 Financial Plan Bylaw

1303 2024 Tax Rates Bylaw

2001 Prohibited Animals Bylaw


212/2017 Water Conservation Measures 

236/2023 Bylaw Enforcement Policy


2021 Tree Planting Plan

2022 Statements of Financial Information

2022 Annual Report

2023 Audited Financial Statements

2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan

2024 Comprehensive Drinking Water Report


The Village of Kaslo manages information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA). 

If the Village's records include personal information about you, you can request access to the information or request a correction. If you believe your personal information is being managed in a manner that FOIPPA hasn’t authorized, you have the right to complain to the Village.  If you are not satisfied with the Village’s response, you can complain to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (visit

For more information please email or phone 250-353-2311.