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Bylaws & Reports

Many bylaws and reports that are frequently requested are available below - if there's something missing, please let us know. Copies of all bylaws and many reports are available upon request from City Hall. 


1079 Noise Abatement Bylaw

1102 Outdoor Burning Bylaw (Consolidated)

1120 Street & Traffic Bylaw (Consolidated)

1130 Land Use Bylaw (Consolidated)

1147 Dog Licensing Bylaw (Consolidated)

1155 Animal Attractant Bylaw

1162 Campground & Parks Bylaw

1175 Public Dock & Boat Launch Bylaw

2001 Prohibited Animals Bylaw

1271 Fees & Charges Bylaw (Consolidated)

1276 2022 Tax Rates Bylaw

1277 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw

1279 Council Procedures Bylaw

1280 Official Community Plan Bylaw


2021-2025 Corporate Strategic Plan

2021 Statement of Financial Information

2021 Annual Report 

2021 Audited Financial Statements

Tree Plan