Purchase a Commemorative Bench or Tree

Commemorative benches may be purchased through the Village Office at cost plus shipping.  There are two types of bench available, one for the Downtown municipal core (heritage style) and one for the rest of town (concrete).  Siting of the bench is subject to approval by Village management, unless replacing worn out or damaged benches in existing locations. The Village has benefited enormously from memorial benches over the years, but is sadly running out of acceptable locations for new ones.

Urban Commando Park Bench

Heritage Permit Area (mandatory style)

Memorial 6′ Courtyard Bench with plaque Model SP410

Rest of town, parks and trails

Urban Commando model


The Village is in the process of identifying suitable locations and procedures for memorial or donated trees in parks and boulevards.  As older, dangerous or unsuitable trees are removed, the goal is to replace them with varieties that will live for a long time,but not grow to dangerous sizes or develop root systems in locations that undermine public infrastructure.  Species currently deemed suitable include:

Boulevards:  Little leaf linden  Katsura tree  Japanese Tree Lilac  Serbian Spruce (dwarf)  Dawn Redwood Parks:  Black Locust  American Elm  Oak   Atlas Cedar  Ginkgo

No policy or guidelines around plaques have been developed as yet, so you are encouraged to come to the Village with a drawing or sample of what you are looking for so that it can be reviewed.  The Village cannot guarantee that the location you desire will be available or suitable for planting, but will make every effort to find a location that befits the donation/memorial.

The current Village Tree policy around tree donations and more can be found here.

If you would like to donate a tree or discuss a memorial tree idea and location, please contact the Village for further discussion. 

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