There are two streams of recycling collection services in Kaslo. One is for residents only (Tuesdays, Recycle BC Curbside) and the other is for Institutional/ Commercial entities (RDCK Recycling Depot). Your recycling must be out by 8:00am to guarantee collection.

Recycle BC curbside does not collect from commercial or institutional properties at this time and the Village does not supplement this service to make such a collection feasible. While delivered by the Village, curbside recycling is not a municipal service, nor is it funded by municipal user fees or taxes. Neither the Village or its contractor set the parameters of the program.

Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential and printed paper recycling throughout BC. Recycle BC ensures household materials are collected, sorted and responsibly recycled. Recycle BC is funded by over 1,200 businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents.

Curbside recycling is biweekly.


No sorting is required for recyclables that are permitted in the curbside collection, BUT THEY MUST BE CLEAN.

For more details on what’s in and out on curbside,


  • Newspapers, inserts, flyers
  • Magazines, catalogues, phone books
  • Boxboard boxes, Cardboard boxes
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Household paper, envelopes, paper bags
  • Shredded paper (in a paper bag)
  • Gift cards, paper wrap and bags, cardboard tubes, paper bags for food, beverage trays

NO: Hard/ Soft Cover Books; Paper towels, napkins or tissues


  • Plastic bottles, jars, tubs and jugs
  • Plastic trays, and clamshells
  • Garden pots and seedling trays
  • Caps, tops, lids, pumps
  • EMPTY aerosol cans
  • Plastic or paper take-out cups, bowls, etc.
  • Cartons for soup, milk, etc.
  • Metal cans, spiral cans
  • Foil wrap and takeout containers
  • Separated toy packaging, pails <25L

NO: Plastic bags and overwrap; hazardous waste; GLASS; electronics & appliances; toys & games; hangers, pots pans or any other scrap metal.


  • Foam Packaging; Chip or foil bags; candy wrappers; stand up pouches; packaging labelled biodegradable or compostable; wiring, metal cords, hardware; clothing, textiles and shoes; food and yard waste.


Glass bin in Public Works Yard; all other recyclables to RDCK depot.

Your RDCK Recycling Depot is not a Recycle BC depot and is not therefore fully integrated with your free curbside service. You are encouraged to commit as much of your residential recycling to the curbside program as possible to boost municipal volumes. For a detailed list of what materials your local depot can accept, go to and check out the Recycling Page. Recycle BC curbside does not collect from commercial or institutional properties at this time. Please consult the RDCK directly with questions or make private arrangements with respect to commercial recycling needs.

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