Council, as an elected body, welcomes citizens who wish to appear before them to speak to issues of interest or concern. As a delegation, there are a few simple rules.

If you wish to appear as a delegation before Council, you must notify Village Council in writing, stating your purpose and providing all written material, before noon on Wednesday prior to a regular meeting. Regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Your request will be considered by the Chief Administrative Officer and referred to a subsequent regular, Special or Standing Committee meeting, whichever the CAO considers most appropriate.

A maximum of three delegations will be heard at any one meeting. Please be patient. Staff will advise you of the meeting you will attend to make your presentation.

Delegations are given 10 minutes to make their presentation.

The purpose of a delegation is to provide Council with additional information.

From Council’s perspective, you are appearing before us to provide factual information on a subject. Council will restrict dialogue with you to the form of questions designed to elicit information.


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