Downtown Licences Occupation

Temporary Licence of Occupation (boulevards, rights-of-way, parking spaces) in the Commercial Centre

The use of a portion of Village boulevards, rights-of-way and street parking spaces may be permitted for occupation at the discretion of Council, principally for the purpose of facilitating food and beverage service patios.


Applicants are encouraged to print out policy and form together to ensure careful review and understanding of the process, best practices and its conditions.


A maximum of ten  (10) parking stalls or 20 foot public parking frontage units will be made available within the Heritage Commercial Core Area for such agreements.  For clarity, this is a total of ten (10) such units across all agreements in total, not per individual license. 

This number is limited by the pressures on public parking during the peak tourist season and the Village reserves the right to regularly review the cost-benefit impacts of these licenses in terms of parking costs vs. business benefits.

The onus for respecting noise, traffic and parking restrictions in the downtown area is on the business community and its employees.  All should be mindful of the following:

a) Business owners and employees should use the publically available parking area behind the Roman Catholic Church on 5th Street during the high season;

b) Business owners who believe that a noise bylaw exemption is required must apply for one separately – license agreements will require that they respect the Village Noise bylaw restrictions; and

c) Serious bylaw or civil traffic violations should be formally reported to either the Village or RCMP.



  1. To establish guidelines and give direction for the orderly establishment and use of Village boulevards, right-of-ways and street parking spaces for a variety of temporary uses to ensure appropriate location and assurance of public safety and convenience.
  2. To encourage businesses that hold seasonal licences to maximise the use and function of the parking spaces during the peak tourism season.
  3. To encourage small businesses with limited operating hours to consider partnership arrangements around sharing and coordinating seasonal licences for mutual benefit.

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