Village Park Rental. Are you planning a special event?

Special Events in Village Parks are defined as follows: 

any publicly advertised event, open to the general public and conducted within a Park which attracts or is intended to attract participants or spectators, except weddings, christenings and group picnics

A Special Event should not be confused with the private rental of park facilities  for clubs, groups, families, etc. where there isn't an intent to attract participants, spectators or the public.  Village staff will advise if what you are proposing is not a private rental, but a special event.

If you are planning on booking Village park facilities for a Special Event, particularly one that is billed as a significant community event on a holiday or weekend, you (as event manager)  will  very likely be required to purchase or provide evidence of a general liability insurance policy with the Village of Kaslo as a named insured party.  Council and staff know that this is no small expense, but this measure protects the taxpayer and the event organizers in the event that something unfortunately goes wrong on the big day.  An unauthorized special event could result in a fine of $300.

The public and other groups are also encouraged to respect the fact that other parties on occasion reserve and rent park facilities and have a reasonable expectation of exclusive use for the period of that rental or special event.

For details on special events and basic rental fees, please review this page.

Event date: 
Friday, June 19, 2015 - 11:30