Mayor & Council

Council 2014 - photo will be updated in 2015.


from left (Jimmie Holland, Rob Lang, Aimee Watson ( Area D Director),  Mayor-Suzan Hewat, Judith  Guichon, (Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia), Romella Glorioso,  Kellie Knoll, Corp. Shaiun Begg RCMP.

Municipal Council

A municipality is a corporation of the residents of its area and the governing body of a municipality is its Council. Village of Kaslo  Council is composed of a Mayor and four (4) Councillors who hold office for a four (4) year term. The Mayor is head of Council, and as noted in Section 116 of the Community Charter, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village of Kaslo.

Council is a legislative (law-making) body with the responsibility for exercising virtually all legislative and administrative authority conveyed upon the Village of Kaslo by the Province through the Community Charter, the Local Government Act and other statutes. Together, the Mayor and Councillors are ultimately responsible for establishing the policies of the Village, for the carrying out of those policies, and for the general administration of civic business.

How to Present an Issue to Council:

If you have an issue you wish to be considered by Council, submit a letter
outlining your concerns and either:

Mail it to:
Mayor and Council
Village of Kaslo
Box 576
Kaslo, BC  VOG 1M0

or Email (Do not send directly to the CAO as he has a voluminous inbox - Village administrative staff will relay your communication to him or a more appropriate respondent).
or Phone: 250 353 2311
or Fax: 250-353-7767

Village staff will advise you when the item is scheduled to appear on a meeting agenda (submission cutoff is 12 Noon Wednesday the week before a meeting of Council). You do not need to be present at the Council meeting for Council to consider your issue. However, should you wish to supplement your letter by making a verbal presentation at the Council meeting, please follow the procedure described below for requests to “appear as a delegation”. 


Individuals wishing to “appear as a delegation” should send a letter of request or complete the Request to Appear as a Delegation form, providing sufficient detail to describe the topic, the presenters and meeting date they wish to appear.  This procedure provides Council an opportunity to prepare, resulting in a prompt and informed response.

How to Contact Council:

You may contact Mayor and Council in writing and via email. All correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council is received and routed appropriately.  Appropriate correspondence may be added to a Council Meeting agenda. Please note the deadline for inclusion of such correspondence in a Council agenda is 12 Noon on the Wednesday prior to the Council Meeting.

Written submissions may be mailed to:

Mayor and Council
Village of Kaslo
Box 576
Kaslo, BC  VOG 1M0

or Email