Kaslo City Hall Building 1898



The Village of Kaslo City Hall Building needs your help to restore her to the grand landmark she once was. 

The Kaslo City Hall Building, constructed in 1898, was recognized as a National Historic Site in 1984. This is the oldest remaining town hall on the BC mainland, and is a major heritage landmark in our community. The Kaslo City Hall symbolized the foresight of its founder’s optimism and aspirations of Kaslo and its future generations to come.

Help us restore Kaslo City Hall to its former glory.  Your TAX DEDUCTABLE donations are critical to continue conservation of all areas of the building.  Please send your donations to PO Box 576, Kaslo, B.C. V0G 1M0 or phone 250-353-2311.   Your TAX DEDUCTABLE receipt will be mailed to you.

Village Council would like to thank all those who have contributed to the restoration efforts of the Kaslo City Hall Building.

Here is a slideshow of the wonderful photographs taken by Daphne Hunter on the occasion of the visit of the Lt. Governor in the spring of 2015.