Dog at Large Summary

The Village intends to promote improved bylaw compliance with photographs and descriptions of dogs that have been reported at large in order that they can be identified.

April 7th 2017  PICTURE FOLDER

Current Dogs At Large that the Animal Control Officer would like to know more about:

1) A  dog was on a private property on Washington. The dog was a
mid/large all black lab/pitbull with a bright red collar.

2)  A Large white dog with black spots, about 80-90 lbs in weight.
wandering around by RCMP station and behind Kaslo Auto.

3)  Upper Kaslo on Jackson Street, a large beige dog with blue eyes that
portrayed aggressive behavior while persons were going for a walk.  
Another offence time, it was this same dog (a large beige dog with blue
eyes) and a golden retriever on the corner of Jackson Street.

4)  a German Shepherd cross looking dog with longer reddish colored hair
that was seen on the highway centre line and seems to hang around the

Pamela Guille (ACO) can be reached by e-mail  or contacted directly by phone at 250-353-8915.

The public can send these reports in confidence to

If you take a Dog At Large home for safety, the matter unfortunately falls outside of Village bylaws as you have taken responsibility for the animal - if you cannot find the owner, your best recourse is to contact the BCSPCA in Nelson.

Dogs at large that have been captured and kenneled by the Animal Control Officer are removed from the local area until the bylaw enforcement matter is resolved and fines paid in full.

There is no Animal Control Regulation or Service in RDCK Electoral Area ‘D’, but this does not provide immunity from Village regulations. Dogs At Large that have wandered into town will be dealt with no differently if enforcement action is required.

The steps of enforcement action may vary but generally voluntary compliance with the bylaw is sought rather than enforcement action.


Event date: 
Friday, April 7, 2017 - 16:00