Dog Control and Animal Attractants

The Village of Kaslo has dog control and animal attractant bylaws in effect and a contracted Animal Control Officer.  All dogs that are owned by Village residents must have a license that is purchased from the Village office.

Bylaw enforcement action around animal control will be initiated upon receipt of a signed complaint or formal report to the animal control officer.

Complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released to the person whose dog or property is being investigated, unless under an order by the Provincial Freedom of Information Act and each request is looked at individually and decisions may vary accordingly.


Pamela Guille can be reached by e-mail at or contacted directly by phone at 250-353-8915.

Some key reminders about dog control in Kaslo:

  • The e-mailing of pictures of problem dogs, with a date and time in your report, is the best way to help the ACO in dealing with a complaint.
  • If you want the ACO to deal with a dog at large, do not take it home or care for it yourself – it’s now your responsibility as it’s no longer “at large”. 
  • Village staff will not deal with dog control matters (other than relay reports) in the absence of the ACO.
  • MTI ticketing is now in place and the ACO and RCMP will issue tickets if they feel compelled to do so in certain circumstances.
  • Dogs at large that have been captured and kenneled are not returned to the owner without the Village first receiving full payment of all fines and charges owed.

Residents engaging in practices that bring wildlife into the community, potentially raising the risk of dangerous encounters or general nuisance, could be subject  to enforcement action under the animal attractants bylaw.



Dog Control Bylaw